Seth Rollins Retains WWE Championship at Hell In A Cell

(Photo: WWE/Jim Viscardi)

It really has been hell for Seth Rollins as of late. With "Demon" Kane returning last month at Night of Champions and tormenting the champ with mind games, leaving Rollins vulnerable.

However, "The Architect" of the WWE prevailed in the championship bout and retained the title.

Late in the match, Rollins attempted to powerbomb the 300-pounder through the Spanish announcer table, but Kane only ricocheted off of it, which gave Rollins time to recover, as well as almost getting Kane counted out.

In a series of reversals and frog splashes, Rollins was able to finally execute the Pedigree, giving him the victory over the Big Red Monster. With this loss, it seems that Corporate Kane is out of a job, but you never know how tomorrow will play out in the WWE.