Seven Actresses Who Would Make a Great Catwoman

The rumor that Megan Fox will play Catwoman in the next Dark Knight/Batman film has been shot down, but it got us thinking: who else would make a great Catwoman? Here are 7 that we think could fill the role nicely. Eliza Dushku She would be a fantastic fit. Dushku has the butt-kicking attitude, and she's incredibly sexy. Angelina Jolie Jolie could be the perfect choice, but she would be unlikely to take the role. She's a leading lady, not a supporting actress. However, 'Dark Knight' was the top grossing film of 2008, and it was a great film. Director Christopher Nolan likes working with solid talent, and Jolie fits the bill. Besides, Jolie would add some weight to the film, kinda like Heath Ledger did with the Joker. Olivia Munn At first glance, this seems like a complete Fanboy choice. However, does have some acting skills, and we're confident she could pull off the role. Her career would skyrocket if she ended up as Catwoman. Carla Gugino Gugino might be a little short for the part, but Director Nolan could use some camera trickery to hide the height issue. Carla is sexy, sexy, sexy, and if you've watched 'Entourage', you know she can bring the heat. Jaime Pressly We'll probably take some flak for this choice, but hear us out. The former gymnast Pressly has the athleticism to fill the role. She's hot. And, while she's been somewhat pigeonholed into the redneck/trailer trash genre lately, she has shown she can play diverse roles. Besides, she has an Emmy, and Nolan loves working with award winning actresses. Ali Larter You want attitude? Check. Sexiness? Check. Someone that can knock you on your ass? Check. Charlize Theron Huh? Sure, we realize that Theron doesn't scream Catwoman. But there might not be a more versatile actress in Hollywood today. She can handle action flicks (Italian Job, Hancock) and dramas (most of her career). Heck, she played a lesbian serial killer. Theron is drop dead gorgeous, and she'd bring big-time star power to the role. Honorable mention Natalie Portman, Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate, Parker Posey That's our list. Who did we miss?