Shazam! It’s A Movie!


The “Big Red Cheese” is getting his own major motion picture. The “Big Red Cheese” is better known as the superhero Shazam or Captain Marvel, and he has been around almost as long as Superman. According to a report in Variety, Warner Bros. has signed director Peter Segal to direct a Shazam movie. Warner Bros. has also acquired a script written by John August. Shazam first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 published by Fawcett Comics in February of 1940. The first issue of Whiz Comics to be distributed on newsstands was actually issue #2, as issue #1 was only printed as an ashcan edition to pitch the comic to advertisers. Shazam was created by artist C.C. Beck and writer Bill Parker. Unlike other superheroes who might remove a pair of glasses or put on a mask when they change from their secret identity, Captain Marvel is actually a young kid named Billy Batson. When Billy Batson speaks the magic word “Shazam,” he is transformed into the adult superhero Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is currently owned by DC Comics, which is owned by Time Warner. Captain Marvel previously appeared on the big screen in a 1940’s film serial called “The Adventures of Captain Marvel.” During the 1970’s, Captain Marvel also appeared on the small screen in a popular Saturday morning live-action TV show. Shazam was played by actor Jackson Bostwick during the first season and by actor John Davey during the second and third seasons. Since it was aimed at kids, the Shazam TV show had a lighthearted feel. It is unknown what type of tone the Shazam movie will have, but since Peter Segal is best known for comedies such as Get Smart one might assume it will likely have numerous comedic elements. Art Credit: Alex Ross/Shazam: Power Of Hope Graphic Novel/DC Comics