Shia LaBeouf Reponds To Plagiarism Allegations, Apologizes to Daniel Clowes


Less than a day after someone called Daniel Clowes's attention to what seemed to be a beat-for-beat adaptation of his graphic novella Justin M. Damiano, in the form of actor Shia LaBoeuf's short film, and the story went viral online, LaBeouf took to Twitter early this morning to apologize for the unauthorized adaptation.

Stopping short of confessing to plagiarism, LaBeouf's first tweet (which, ironically, Buzzfeed says may be partially copied and pasted from the Internet) differentiates between stealing someone else's work and adapting it, but then admits that he failed to get any kind of authorization or to credit Clowes for adapting his comic, which LaBeouf refers to as his "inspiration."

You can see his remarks in full below:

An hour or so later, after being inundated with (largely negative) tweets in response, LaBoeuf added another, more succinct appraisal of the situation:


Daniel Clowes has yet to respond.