Shia LaBeouf Says He Let His Family Down, Apologizes Again To Daniel Clowes

clowes-comicEDIT: This whole story looked different a while ago but was rewritten top to bottom after realizing that all of LaBoeuf's newest round of apologies were repurposed from previous famous apologies. We apologize that we didn't notice right away.

Following criticisms that his first apology was not unequivocal enough and that it may have been partially copied from the Internet, actor Shia LaBoeuf has once again addressed accusations that his new short film plagiarized from a comic short by Ghost World creator Daniel Clowes.

And this time, he's openly stealing famous apologies, in case the entire episode wasn't bizarre enough.

How does he manage to continue to make the situation stranger in 140 characters at a time? You can see his second apology embedded below.

0commentsThis one's from Tiger Woods, who apologized publicly after the affair that ultimately ended his marriage and sent him into a bizarre celebrity spiral that affected his golf career long term.LaBeouf borrowed from Robert McNamara here. McNamara wrote this about his support for the Vietnam War in his 1995 memoir. McNamara was the eighth Secretary of Defense, serving under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson from 1961 to 1968....And this one's Kanye West, apologizing to Taylor Swift after jumping on stage and interrupting her acceptance of an award.

There's a growing contingent online who are starting to speculate that this whole thing might be an elaborate piece of performance art by LaBoeuf and/or Clowes. We'll see how it plays out, while LaBeouf is still drawing criticism, including from Act-I-Vate cartoonist Nikki Cook, who tweeted in response, "Apparently [LaBeouf] is trolling rather than apologizing. Can he be a bigger dick?"