Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright Deny Ant-Man Rumors By Starting Various New Rumors

Simon Pegg Ant-Man

Not since director Bryan Singer tweeted on April Fool's Day that Lady Gaga was joining the cast of X-Men: Days Of Future Past as Dazzler has there been so much hilarity around a casting rumor. On Thursday, Simon Pegg tweeted a photo of himself in the Marvel offices pointing to a picture of Ant-Man, which some fans and a lot of press took as a hint that he was going  to be starring in his buddy Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man movie.

Given that Simon Pegg likes to have fun with his Twitter followers, it probably should have been obvious he was just joking around, but the idea has just enough believability that it's not surprising that many took it seriously. The Ant-Man movie has been described as taking part in a different corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and most are expecting it to be a little bit quirky and very humorous, which would actually fit with casting someone like Simon Pegg.

As the headlines blazed the question of if Simon Pegg would be Ant-Man, Marvel's Ryan Penagos was quick to point out that Simon Pegg was just visiting the offices for a tour and podcast. Despite the denial from Penagos, it seemed to have absolutely zero effect on stopping the rumor, because perhaps not everyone follows Penagos on Twitter.

With the rumor still gaining steam, both Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright turned to Twitter to discredit the rumor...sort of.  Initially Pegg tweeted, "FFS the Internet, all I did was point at the central character in my dear friend's next movie, because I'm excited for him. #iamantman." He then added, "Oh wait, I ****ed up that hashtag. It was supposed to be #iamnotantman."

Of course, these tweets also did nothing to stop the rumor, perhaps because of the confusion over the hashtags. Then, it looks like both Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright decided that the best way to stop a rumor was to create a new even better rumor. Pegg tweeted, "Why is no one talking about the real news sweeping the Internet?! RT @Variety Edgar Wright to helm Thundercats for @20thcenturyfox." And Wright tweeted, "THR Breaking: Simon Pegg offered role of 'Batman' in @wbpictures 'Superman Vs Batman'. #BatPegg." Wright also added, "No, @Simon Pegg is not Ant-Man but... RT @Well this is a surprise... RT @THR Breaking: @Simonpegg & @NickFrost offered Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele in '50 Shades Of Grey' movie."