Sinister Six, Venom, & Female Spider-Man Universe Spinoff Films Still Moving Forward


After last night's monumental announcement, everyone is going to their Marvel and Sony sources to find out any new tidbits that they can. Variety has a new report regarding all of those Spider-Man spinoff projects we had heard were in the works at Sony. Are they still a go?

The studio is still moving forward with the Spider-Man villain-centric "Sinister Six," and "Venom" spinoff, as well as a film that features female characters in the "Spider-Man" universe. "The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ has been cancelled. While Marvel's Feige is involved with Sony's new "Spider-Man" films, he currently is not expected to be creatively involved with the spinoffs, sources say. - Variety

Last night, the Wall Street Journal had heard from their sources that Sinister Six was delayed in light of the recent Marvel/Sony news. Delayed doesn't mean cancelled, but it is a bit surprising to see Variety say Sinister Six is still moving forward. It was slated to be released in November of next year.

Venom is a spinoff Sony announced at the same time Sinister Six was announced. Alex Kurtzman, who is best known for his screenwriting credits, was penciled in as the film's director. We haven't heard anything new on that project since it was announced in December of 2013.


As for the spinoff led by all-female characters from the Spider-Man universe, Sony has never officially announced those plans but we do know Sony has been very interested in pursuing that course. Rumor has it, it would be a team-up film. Who could Sony use for it? Most likely Sony would consider Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Silver Sable, Firestar, Silk or Spider-Gwen.