Smallville Files Again: Season TEN Official!

The hit CW series Smallville is proving to be more durable than a bullet, locomotive and a tall building! After much speculation and ponderings about the future of the show, which has chronicled the life of Clark Kent as he approaches his destiny as Superman, the CW has officially confirmed that season ten of the series WILL happen! Many speculated that moving the show to Friday nights, often known as a "graveyard" for shows, would kill the series, even after stellar storylines and focus during the ninth season. The opposite seems to have happened, however. The network reported a 67% jump in viewership of the show among adults during this change to Friday nights. Part of the formula for success could also be attributed to the inclusion of star comic book writer Geoff Johns to the series, which has upped the super hero factor for this show, especially with stories and episdoes such as "Absolute Justice". What new stories and challenges Clark faces as he makes his way in Metropolis, or if this will be the final season, remain unknown.