Smallville Finale Offers Only Glimpses Of Tom Welling As Superman

Smallville Superman Tom Welling

After ten years on the air, Smallville has finally come to an end. The Smallville finale offered up two hours of memories, as everyone from Jonathan Kent to Lex Luthor made appearances. However, the two most anticipated events of the Smallville finale never completely happened. One of the big events for the finale was to be the wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The wedding was unsurprisingly interrupted at the last minute and wasn’t completed.

The other big event for the Smallville finale was to be Tom Welling finally appearing in full Superman suit. As anticipated, Tom Welling did put on the Superman suit, but there were only brief glimpses of him in costume. Tom Welling was first shown wearing the Superman suit as he flew away from the Fortress of Solitude, but the suit could only be seen in flashes.

Tom Welling As Superman Near Airplane

Tom Welling was next shown wearing the Superman suit, as he rescued Air Force One. However, the camera panned between close-ups of Tom Welling’s face and distant views of the Superman suit. A better glimpse of the Superman suit came as Superman pushed away Apokolips, but still the view was only a bright, distant glimpse.

Tom Welling Superman and Earth The very ending of the Superman finale offered perhaps the closest view, but it was still only a partial shot of the Superman suit. As the iconic Superman movie theme music played in the background, Tom Welling pulled open his shirt to reveal the big red “S.”

Tom Welling Superman So did the Smallville finale meet expectations? Were you disappointed that the wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane was not completed? Did you wish there had been a close-up shot of Tom Welling in full Superman suit? Or was it actually better to leave things the way the show did?