Smallville Season Eleven #1 Free on Barnes & Noble's Nookstore Today


The first issue of Bryan Q. Miller's best-selling and critically-acclaimed digital-first comic book series Smallville Season Eleven is available in ePub format for free today from Barnes & Noble's Nookstore.

Here's their official blurb:

Special to this week's Free Fridays: Smallville Season 11 #1 on NOOK Comics! The first issue of the celebrated series about Clark Kent and his superhero alter ego, Superman, is free today for NOOK users, featuring our beautiful graphic display with zoom view.

We've talked about it before: Comics on the Nook are pretty great, and free is nice, too. Also, a recent update means the Nook now supports the full Android market, including ComiXology, so if you've got one of Barnes & Noble's e-readers, you can use the opportunity to diversify where you're getting your cheap and free books today by taking advantage of the Marvel and Image sales at ComiXology.