Smallville's John Schneider The Subject Of a Powerful, Heartbreaking Series of Portraits


John Schneider, the former Dukes of Hazzard star who portrayed Jonathan Kent on Smallville, is the subject of a powerful series of portraits and accompanying blog entry by photography Jeremy Coward making the rounds tonight. The work is beautiful and it paints a picture of Schneider as a warm, kind and genuine man who, at a moment when he was expected to be funny and friendly on TV, was in fact in quite a lot of pain. "But one of the things I DON'T love about [TV studio] shoots is that I never really get to connect with the people I'm shooting. They're in and out in minutes. Sometimes I literally am only able to take a few pictures before they're whisked away," wrote Cowart in his post. "This is one of those VERY few rare occasions where I was able to connect. And I have my subject to thank for allowing me into his story." Out of respect for a man who takes photographs for a living, we won't share any of his pictures here--but head over to the Cowart's blog for a fuller accounting and some gorgeous portraits.