Smoking Banned In Marvel Studios Movies


Walt Disney Studios CEO announced during a shareholder meeting held on Thursday that he would not allow smoking in any Disney films rated PG-13 or below, including Marvel Studios movies, unless there was a compelling historical reason for it. This is an extension of an old policy that Disney has had for quite some time, but it's interesting to note that it's influence is spreading.

For the most part, this will go unnoticed. None of the major stars of Marvel's films are known for smoking, keeping line with the “no smoking” edict laid down in the comics by Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, during his tenure as Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics.

Still, healthcare professional Gina Schuler tells the Wrap that 43 percent of Marvel's movies – which typically carry the very profitable PG-13 rating – featured smoking of some kind.  Looks like that will change going forward.