Some Pokemon Go Players Are Testing a New Tracking System reported yesterday about Pokemon Go's newest update, which overhauled the game's [...]

nearby pokemon go reported yesterday about Pokemon Go's newest update, which overhauled the game's broken tracking system. While the update included the new "Sightings" window which updates on a regular basis, we mentioned that some players were also testing a beta version for the game's new tracking system. Now, we know exactly what that new system entails.

Pokemon Go's new tracking system has three separate functions. In addition to the "Sightings" window that all players currently have, the new tracker also has an updated "Nearby" section that uses nearby PokeStops to show where Pokemon are hiding. The "Nearby" Pokemon are shown standing in front of a PokeStop icon, which players can then highlight to track. When a Pokemon is tapped on the "Nearby" screen, Pokemon Go will switch to the map and zoom out, showing players how far away the PokeStop is from their location. A new icon will also appear on the map to help players keep track to which PokeStop they're walking to.

Once players reach the highlighted PokeStop, the Pokemon should appear within a block or so of the PokeStop location. The game will also notify players if a Pokemon has de-spawned, so they don't continue to waste their time trying to track the Pokemon.

Right now, it seems that players in the San Francisco area are the only ones with the new tracker. The new tracker also seems to have some flaws, especially for players living in rural or suburban areas who don't have many PokeStops nearby. Still, it seems that Niantic was serious when it said it wanted to improve the tracking system and seems to be implimenting some of the features that players loved about the now banned PokeVision app.