Sony Executives Reportedly Screening Captain America: Civil War for Spider-Man Approval

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

The time-sharing of Spider-Man between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures is a unique and unprecedented use of licensing. Marvel gets to use Spidey in their Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Sony gets to make solo films for the character that still exist in that world (meaning other characters from the Avengers could potentially show up).

Of course, with that comes new challenges. The exact nature of how Marvel and Sony will work together on the Spider-Man films hasn't been revealed, and might not - it's the very definition of behind-the-scenes. What Umberto Gonzalez of HeroicHollywood is reporting though, may come as a surprise. He reports that Sony executives either have screened or will soon screen Captain America: Civil War to "sign off" on Spider-Man's portrayal in the film.

Now, that happening isn't too shocking, when you think about the hundreds of millions of dollars they'll be investing in Spidey's film future. The question is, what could they really do about it? Massive reshoots of action sequences are fairly rare, so it would seem at best they could retool some dialogue or quieter moments.


And really, with Sony's current track record versus Marvel's, it sounds like this is probably more of a contractual appeasement than anything else.