Special Education Student Wins Contest--Will Appear in Superman Comic

Wow, what a great story. Hakeem Bennett, 13, a special education student, won a national essay contest and will appear appear in the comic 'The Kid Who Saved Superman.' The Stone Arch Books contest encouraged children to write about their real life hero. Bennett chose his teacher, Matthew Brown, who happens to be blind in one eye and has tunnel vision in the other. Says the boy:

"He's a role model to me. He helps you if you need help with anything. He's always there."

The comic book includes both Bennett and Brown as characters on a school field trip. When the area is hit with earthquakes, Superman comes to the rescue. Only the man of steel is hit with kryptonite and Bennett saves the day. Bennett knows this book will be a show stopper for future conversations:

"I'm excited to show everyone the book. Now I've got bragging rights," said Hakeem. "I'm proud of myself. If you go to school and do good, good will come out of it."