Spider-Man 4 Clashes Lead to Pushed Back Release!

It appears that the battles Spider-Man gets involved in don't just happen on the big screen! Originally slated for a May 6, 2011 release Spider-Man 4 is now in limbo due to some very intense creative differences. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Sam Raimi is at odds with Sony over who to choose as the main villain in the upcoming and highly-anticipated release of the multiple-blockbuster franchise. Differences between the two were originally rumored back in December, but Sony denied the rumors, saying that script tweaking was a natural process in the creation of a film. Sony has wanted the villain of the film to be female burglar The Black Cat, to not only serve as an antagonist in addition to another villain, but to help with a romantic sub-plot. Raimi on the other hand wants the villain of the new movie to the The Vulture, one of Spider-Man's earliest foes. This is not the first time that Raimi and the studio have had some differences in script and narrative direction. In early talks about Spider-Man 3, Raimi wanted only the Vulture and Sandman in that movie, but Sony thought that the addition of Venom to the mix would help to bring in younger viewers. The film could still see a early summer 2011 release, but with a movie as heavy on effects as this one, and with no strong, cohesive narrative at this point, May 6th seems less and less likely.