Spider-Man Conflicted On His Choice Of Search Engines

Peter Parker searching Bing

In a recent parody video called “Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider-Man In Two Minutes Or Less,” it’s pointed out that Peter Parker uses the search engine Bing three times in The Amazing Spider-Man movie. It reminded us that this past summer there was a minor uproar on the Internet about the Bing product placement in the movie with many claiming a science nerd like Peter Parker would never use Bing.

It also reminded us of a scene in Spider-Men #5, which was the final issue of a crossover between Peter Parker of Earth 616 and Mile Morales of the Ultimate Universe. Peter Parker wonders if there is a Miles Morales on Earth 616, so he turns to a search engine to check. And what search engine does Peter Parker use? Well, he definitely doesn’t Bing it, as the last three letters on the panel show “gle.”

While the movie version of Peter Parker might prefer Bing, it appears that in the comic books that Google is Peter Parker’s search engine of choice.  Given the jokes over the Bing product placement in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie and Parker’s betrayal in the comic book pages, we’re wondering if Bing will be returning for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Peter Parker uses Bing

Miles Morales Earth 616