Spider-Man Reboot Will Spend A Lot More Time In High School

When Marvel’s next iteration of Spider-Man swings into theaters in 2017, don’t expect to see any diplomas.

That’s because the film, which features a teenaged Peter Parker, will keep the Wall Crawler in High School. As Spider-Man screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein revealed earlier this week, the upcoming Spider-Man reboot will explore the depths of Peter Parker’s—and his supporting cast’s—high school experience. In fact, Daley even compared the approach to director John Hughes’ iconic high school films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club.

“It’s sort of a John Hughes-ian take at Peter in high school,” Daley told Entertainment Tonight. “I think we’re going to spend a lot more time on them in High School, and deal with him being a real kid.”

Goldstein supported that statement, saying that they plan to make full use of actor Tom Holland’s (Spider-Man/Peter Parker) youth.

“They cast a real kid,” Goldstein said. “So we’re writing a real kid.”

You can watch the entire interview below.


What do you think, readers? Are you excited to see a Spider-Man film set solely in the character’s high school years? Let us know in the comments!

Spider-Man debuts in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016, before headlining his solo reboot on July 28, 2017.