Stan Lee Cameo In Jessica Jones Revealed


In the Jessica Jones trailer, one eagle-eyed Imgur user has discovered that Stan Lee's cameo will be the same kind of minimalistic approach taken in Netflix's previous Marvel TV series, Daredevil.

In fact, it's the same image.

Usually, Lee gets a walk-on role and maybe a line or two of dialogue; when he doesn't, he's often just not in the movie at all (like in The Wolverine, although he was represented by a cleverly named bottle of liquor).

In the Netflix shows? Well, he's a photo on the wall.

Way in the background.

Hard to spot.

Originally appearing in episode 13 of Daredevil, that same image -- once again at a police station -- appears in the shot above.


In Marvel’s Jessica Jones, after a tragic ending to her short-lived Super Hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases in New York City.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones premieres Nov. 20 on Netflix.