Stan Lee On When A Marvel Superheroine Will Get Her Own Movie

Stan Lee Smiling

With even relatively unknown comic book characters getting their own movies now, one of the biggest controversies online is why some of the more well-known female superheroes have not gotten their own movies yet. Wonder Woman seems to be the most frequently cited character as someone that fans can’t believe hasn’t made it to the big screen yet.

But what about on the Marvel Comics side? What Marvel female character will get her own movie first? When Too Fab put this question to Stan Lee, he answered, “Well, probably at one time, they’ll make a movie of the Black Widow.”

Lee also went on to explain that part of the reason why Marvel hadn’t been in a rush to do a female superhero movie is because their current movies are already doing well with both male and female audiences. “The thing is the women like these movies as much as the guys, so we don’t have to knock ourselves to find a female, but we will,” said Lee.