Stan Lee Turns Ninety Today

When one tries to think of all the many things that Stan Lee has accomplished in his life, one would think that the man was turning five hundred today instead of ninety. Born on December 28, 1922, Stan Lee has been one of the most prolific and beloved creators in the history of comic books.

At Marvel Comics, Stan Lee played a role in co-creating such iconic characters as Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and of course Spider-Man to name a few. In all, Stan Lee has literally created hundreds of comic book characters in his 73 year career in the comic book industry.

Of course, it's more than just his creations that have made Stan Lee popular with fans around the world. At ninety years old, Stan Lee is still one of the hardest working men in comic books. He's got his own comic book convention, his own mobile games, and his own YouTube channel.

Most importantly, Stan Lee still takes time to travel around the country, meeting fans at various comic book conventions. While other celebrities have often had their off days or spats with rude paparrazi, Stan Lee seems to greet everyone with a smile and a sharp sense of humor. After a paparazzi tried to take Stan Lee's picture a couple years ago, Stan Lee tweeted, "A paparazzi saw me in the street and tried to take a picture. I got justifiably angry! Imagine! He only asked for one! I insisted on two!"

Happy Birthday, Stan Lee, you're a living legend and a superhero just like the characters you have created.