Stan Lee Wants Cameo In Batman Vs. Superman

Stan Lee

At Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, Stan Lee was asked about his cameos in Marvel Studios movies. After relaying a story about how the movies made so much money because sometimes people missed his brief cameos and had to go see the movie again, Lee suggested that he should be cast in a DC Comics movie.

“I’ll show you why DC isn’t so smart,” said Lee. “If I were the head of DC, I would contact me and say, ‘How about doing a cameo in the next Superman movie?’ Can you imagine? Nobody would believe it. Everybody would go see it.”

Of course, the next Superman movie is Batman Vs. Superman. Stan Lee has also repeatedly defended the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, and the two have appeared in a movie together in the past. Stan Lee and Ben Affleck were both in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats in 1995.

Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.