Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer: Five Questions Raised

Star Trek Into Darkness villain

With a teaser trailer of just a little over a minute, there are plenty of questions circulating about Star Trek Into Darkness. Perhaps some of these questions will be answered when the full trailer arrives or during the first nine minutes of the film that will be airing in front of IMAX screenings of The Hobbit. However, it’s likely that most of these questions will remain until the movie opens next summer. Here are the top five questions raised by the teaser trailer.

Who is the villain? – Given this day and age where movie leaks are common, it’s impressive that Paramount has been able to keep the villain under wraps. While fans think they have Benedict Cumberbatch’s role narrowed down as either being Gary Mitchell or Khan, there are still compelling arguments in both directions. Will Paramount be able to keep this secret until the movie is released? Or will future trailers give it away?

Will Spock die? – While rumors circulated last month that Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock, would be leaving the Star Trek franchise, Quinto later denied that those rumors were true. Still, a scene in the Japanese version of the trailer mirrors the death of Spock scene from Wrath of Khan, which has people talking again that this could be Zachary Quinto’s last Star Trek film. Surely, J.J. Abrams wouldn’t copy what's been done in a past Star Trek film.

Spock in a volcano

Why is Spock in a volcano? – The very first frames released from Star Trek Into Darkness showed Spock in a volcano. In the teaser trailer, fans get to see even more of Spock walking through fiery lava. Of course, we will have no better idea of what Spock is doing in the volcano.

Alice Eve


Who is Alice Eve playing?- Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t the only person who has an unknown role in Star Trek Into Darkness. Alice Eve appears in the trailer as well, and her role is currently a mystery. If she was playing a brand new character, there wouldn’t be a reason to keep her identity secret, so she must have a role that would spoil certain plot elements. Some are speculating that she looks like Elizabeth Dehner in the trailer, which would play into the possibility of Gary Mitchell being the villain.

Starfleet funeral

Did someone else die? – While many think it would be too obvious to have Spock die in Star Trek Into Darkness, there is much speculation that someone else could be meeting the grim reaper. Some think that James T. Kirk might be the one to go, but others think that Kirk is presiding over a Starfleet funeral in one scene, which would indicate it would have to be someone else.