Star Trek Into Darkness: Yes, There's Another Trailer Coming

In ten days, fans will get to see an exclusive teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness at iTunes Movie Trailers.

Exclusive--as in, different content than the minute or so of footage that's blown up the Internet today.

Paramount Pictures just sent an e-mail around to members of the press reminding the four of us who hadn't seen this morning's "announcement video" to embed it on our sites, and along with that came the tease that fans can "WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE TEASER ON 12/17 AT iTunes Movie Trailers," effectively answering a question that many fans had been asking since this morning's video went live: "Is there more, or is this the trailer that will screen in front of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?".

It looks like there's more to come. Keep your eyes on, and as soon as it's live, we'll be sure to bring you a look at the video as well as our analysis of anything new that it might feature.