Star Wars' Adam Driver Promotes His SNL Appearance

(Photo: NBC)

Saturday Night Live has put out its series of promos for Adam Driver's hosting of this week's episode, featuring the actor and castmember Kate McKinnon in a diner. The pair go through a full week's worth of promotions back-to-back-to-back, with a couple of them focusing on Driver's Star Wars: The Force Awakens character, Kylo Ren.

When Driver doesn't get his way, he immediately ignites his three-bladed lightsaber, ready for a Force-style tantrum. His moment of falling into utter despair over being "the new guy" is also reminiscent of the more "emo" side of Kylo Ren.

Hopefully this is all hinting at a Kylo Ren tantrum or emo-style sketch this weekend. It would be a shock to not include it - don't be surprised if there's also something Girls related.


Adam Driver hosts SNL on January 16, 2016 with musical guest Chris Stapleton.