Star Wars Battlefront: New Details on Millennium Falcon, Slave One Gameplay

star wars battlefront
(Photo: EA)

The Millennium Falcon and Boba Fett's Slave One are two of the most iconic starships of all time, not just within the Star Wars franchise. So when EA and DICE set out to make an iconic new Star Wars video game for the modern age, the ships had to be included.

"I think everyone that's ever seen Star Wars has had the dream of entering a fight with the legendary, slick starships of Han Solo or Boba Fett," said Star Wars Battlefront Senior Designer Björn Sundell in a press release. The ships were confirmed Friday for the Fighter Squadron game mode as "Hero vehicles," operating similarly to the Heroes and Villains power-ups in other game modes, which allow you to temporarily play as characters like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the Emperor.

During Fighter Squadron, you can find a power up to put you in the cockpit of one of these iconic vehicles - the Falcon if you're playing on the Rebels side, and the Slave One if you're flying for the Empire. Each has their own bonuses, of course. The Slave One, for instance, has Ion Cannons, Proton Torpedoes, and a radar/missile lock jammer good for getting out of a sticky situation. The Falcon's special abilities weren't yet revealed, though it will have "extra speed and firepower."

Star Wars Battlefront hits stores November 17, 2015. If you pre-order, you'll receive the free "Battle of Jakku" mission that ties-in to Star Wars: The Force Awakens a week earlier than other players.