Star Wars Episode VII Accepting Open Auditions Via Website

Star Wars Episode VII

The Walt Disney Company have announced that they will now allow fans to "audition" for Star Wars Episode VII online by submitting a video to Lucasfilm.

BBC News are reporting that Lucasfilm will accept video applications sent in through Cast It Talent. Producers are looking for a "street smart" girl in her late teens and a "smart, capable" man in his early 20s.

Over 2,500 auditioned for parts in Bristol over the weekend, while about that number were turned away without being seen due to time constraints. While some of those turned away felt frustrated by the disorganized process, a publicist for Lucasfilm said 75 of those who auditioned on Saturday were called back to read a generic script in front of the Star Wars team. Organizers expected to get about the same number on Sunday.

Auditions also began in the US, with around 1,000 people seen in St Louis, Missouri, on Sunday.