Star Wars Episode VII Casting Report Turns Out To Be False

Star Wars Episode VII

Earlier this week, the Internet exploded when The Hillsdale Collegian reported that one of their students had been cast in Star Wars Episode VII. The film has been holding several recent open casting calls, but the news that someone had been already been cast at this stage was both exciting and surprising.

Given that Lucasfilm has yet to officially announce a single actress or actor for Star Wars Episode VII, the idea of the first cast member name being revealed through an open casting call also seemed extremely unlikely. Still, because the news was coming from a college newspaper, many reputable online sites reported it as fact.

However, it appears as if the report was as unlikely as it actually sounded. The Hillsdale Collegian has now removed the original article and issued a correction. The Hillsdale Collegian now states: "On Nov. 21, The Collegian reported false information in an article about a student cast in Star Wars: Episode VII. As far as The Collegian’s editors and reporters know, the part has not yet been cast. We apologize for this error."

So despite many reports to the contrary, there has still been no one officially revealed as being cast in Star Wars Episode VII yet. The only character that has been confirmed is R2-D2, and it's likely that J.J. Abrams will go the mechanical and CGI route with that character.