Star Wars Episode VII: Darth Vader Rumored To Return

Darth Vader

It’s another day. It’s another rumor about a Star Wars character returning. The latest character who could reportedly be coming back is none another than Darth Vader. Never mind that Darth Vader died in Return of Jedi.

Comic book fans can tell you that death is rarely permanent in comic books, so why wouldn’t the same hold true for science fiction movies. According to British Tabloid, industry insiders have told them that Darth Vader will return for Star Wars Episode VII.

An un-named film mole is even quoted as saying Darth Vader is an integral part of the franchise and replacing him would be virtually impossible. Not only will he return, but the tabloid reports that he will play a significant role in the new Star Wars films.

In the original Star Wars trilogy, David Prowse played Darth Vader, but James Earl Jones did Darth Vader’s voice. There is no indication on if David Prowse and James Earl Jones would reprise their roles. While it might seem like a longshot for Disney to bring back a deceased character, the tabloid does have a point about him being an integral part of the original trilogy. Could Darth Vader possible return?