Star Wars Episode VII Seemingly Confirmed for Winter 2015

Star Wars

With a barrage of major movies coming to theaters in the summer of 2015, the prospect of Star Wars Episode VII coming in and having the kind of unchallenged box office dominance over a long period of time to which Lucasfilm has become accustomed never seemed all that likely. Some indications, though, suggested that the film could come along later in the year--say, as a holiday release, where it could leverage its likely PG rating and broad appeal into something special.

To do that, they'd have to break with the tradition of a May release date--which, of course, was fine with some people because May 1 is the currently-anticipated release date for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Others, though, felt it should be the Marvel heroes who moved to make way for Star Wars who, while newer to the Disney family, kind of had the month first.

Disney removed the release date information from the Age of Ultron title card in 2013 after having had it on there previously, which seemed to suggest that there might, indeed, be a move in order for the Marvel film, but nobody has been commenting on the record about any of it.

Enter Twitter user Dennis Barbie, a Director of Retail for Disney in the Netherlands. He offhandedly tweeted that the film is coming at the end of the year...


...and then seemingly confirms that, while not entirely official, that's certainly the current Disney plan.