Star Wars: Lucas Thinks New Lucasfilm Chief Can Do Better Than He Did

Disney Acquires Lucasfilm

In an "exit interview" with E! Entertainment in which he admitted that it's hard to see Star Wars headed to Disney, partially becuase he's a control freak when it comes to his films, the director also said that he believes new Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy will improve on the chilly reception he got working on the prequel trilogy.

Of Star Wars and handing it off, Lucas said, "It was forty years of work. It has been my life, but I am ready to move on to bigger and better things."

Those bigger and better things include working with the educational foundation to which he's said he'll donate more than half of the $4.05 billion that Disney will pay him for Lucasfilm. "In a few months I will be able to be on my own and the transition will be all over with and I can go do my own thing," Lucas said. "I am a control freak, so I have turned it over to a wonderful producer, [Lucasfilm chair-turned-president] Kathy Kennedy. I have known her for years. She is more than capable of taking it and making it better than I did."