Star Wars Rebels Showrunner Dave Filoni Teases Lost Ahsoka & Rex Story

If you've seen our exclusive clip of this week's all-new Star Wars Rebels episode, then you may have heard Clone Captain Rex say something very interesting about his time with Ahsoka Tano: they fought together at something called "The Siege of Mandalore." That's not a battle that ever made it onto Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where both fan-favorite characters debuted, but Dave Filoni, the showrunner for both series, says their story does exist, and he knows exactly what it is.

He even told Dee Bradley Baker and Ashley Eckstein about their past, the time they had between the shows.

"I think it was important for them to know more basic things, like how long has it been since they last saw one another, and what was it like when they last saw each other," Filoni told during an interview at New York Comic Con. "There was a story [unused but conceptualized for The Clone Wars] where Ahsoka returned, I'm not going to say she became a Jedi, but she was involved in a pretty important plot. Rex was also there with her. So they had seen one another after she had left the Temple. So that was important for them to know."

It sounds like that's hinting at that Siege of Mandalore, and hopefully we'll find out more as the season progresses. Rex will be going through some of his history and his feelings on the current state of affairs, as well.

"Rex will get into what his view of the Empire is. Some of that we deal with onscreen because kids watching only Rebels will have to know," Filoni teased. "It was just important so they understood the sense of time, the sense of history between them, and what is their relationship like. I play on that with the two characters are in the same scenes."

Ultimately, "they stay true and evolve the way they should throughout season two," he promises. "They're characters that are very dear to me, that I created with George [Lucas]."

Filoni also explains how Gregor is around - but why that particular clone is having some issues when he shows up on Rebels.


Check out the full interview in the above video, and the all-new Star Wars Rebels Wednesday October 14 at 9:30pm ET/PT on DisneyXD