Star Wars Rumor Watch: Lindelof Spotted at Lucasfilm

Earlier today, we reported on rumors that the currently-in-development Walt Disney Pictures science fiction epic 1952 was actually Star Wars Episode VII, which would mean Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof had written a draft of the script already and The Incredibles director Brad Bird would be taking over as director when the film goes into production--which shouldn't be too far off, given that Disney wants a 2015 release date for the movie.

Then there came this photo, which landed in our e-mail box about half an hour ago from a reader with the suspiciously Lost-tastic name "Jack Shephard." According to the e-mail, which speculates as to whether this could be evidence for the suspected 1952/Star Wars connection, it's a photo downloaded from a personal Facebook page belonging to Lindelof's assistant. The photo, of Lindelof with assistant Josie Kavadoy, was taken at Lucasfilm.

Now, this isn't exactly a smoking gun--Lucas, of course, works with any number of studios and creative types on a regular basis since his Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light and Magic are not exactly Lucasfilm-exclusive. Still, it's interesting to see, given the fact that the Lindelof/Bird rumor was one of the more compelling bits of conclusion-jumping to come across our desks in the last few days since Star Wars was announced as heading to Disney.

News should start to emerge soon, since they'll have to begin the process of casting and the like at some point. Most people we've spoken to expect this movie to be on a similar development timeline as The Avengers 2.

And, hey! Maybe Lindelof can be the one to break the news. He hasn't responded to the central claim of the 1952 rumors yet, but did recount on Twitter yesterday the process of breaking some Star Wars News to a young fan: