Star Wars Teaser Trailer Posted By Lucasfilm

Star Wars Episode 7 Summer 2015

Earlier today, reported that rumors of an upcoming Star Wars Episode VII announcement have been flying fast and furious on social media over the last couple of days. Some of the rumors have suggested that Lucasfilm will release a teaser trailer with one or more original Star Wars cast members.

Well, just a couple minutes ago, Lucasfilm did release a Star Wars teaser trailer with the original cast on their official Star Wars YouTube account. Except it's not a teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII, but instead it's a teaser trailer for the original 1977 Star Wars. Lucasfilm also tweeted via the official Star Wars Twitter account, "1976, the world was introduced to #StarWars... Check out the trailer that started it all!"

What could this all mean? Could Lucasfilm be building up to some type of announcement? We will bring you news once we have official word, but for now, enjoy the original 1977 Star Wars teaser trailer below.