Star Wars The Force Awakens: Is Rey A Jedi?

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Rey is one of the newest characters to debut as a part of the ensemble cast of the Force Awakens, looking to be more of a hard luck, scavenger type who knows her way around a fight. In fact, she almost seems like a combination of Princess Leia and Han Solo, and of course if she happened to be their daughter, this would make sense. Apparently being stranded on the junk world of Jakku, Rey hangs out with the R2-D2-like character, BB-8, and eventually encounters the one time Stormtrooper, Finn. While she'll clearly be taking up arms against the newest interpretation of the Empire with the First Order and the Knights of Ren, will she be holding a lightsaber while doing so?

Obviously, the biggest clue in terms of whether Rey will in fact be a Jedi is that in one of the trailers, she's holding a lightsaber. Historically, you don't really see many folks holding one of these if they don't have some connection with the Force; outside of say a weirdo or two like General Grievous. While it seems that in most of the media for Rey, she'll be wielding a sort of long staff, that one shot leads precedence to the idea that Rey has the Force awaken with in her similarly to how Finn does. In the film, you sort of get the sense that the Force has long been dormant, only now rising up in people and ushering in the battle between the Light Side and the Dark. Would this make the protagonists have one Jedi too many? Perhaps, but it seems like we'll be getting someone along the lines of a "Joe Schmo" in the form of Oscar Isaac's character as he doesn't seem like he'll be using Force abilities any time soon.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Aside from this story beat, there have actually been a ton of outside media that may lead you to believe that Rey will be using the Force in the film. Trading card games, merchandise commercials, and other related Star Wars materials all seem to lean heavily toward the idea that Rey will become a Jedi, without flat out saying it. On top of all this evidence, I think its just time we had a female Jedi take the main stage as we haven't really had one in films past. Granted, we've had several female Jedi in both the films and the ancillary material, but never one who was the main character of a film. Rey could change all that by stepping into the light here. Also, Rey very much looks the part, wearing attire that seems strikingly familiar to Luke in Star Wars: A New Hope.


I think it's very interesting that we don't have an idea of how widespread the "Force awakens" in the film. What if Rey becomes a Force wielder because EVERYONE becomes one? That would be a very interesting story path to walk down. All the same, I'm looking forward to seeing what's true and what isn't when Force Awakens drops on Thursday. What do you all think? Jedi, Sith, or neither of the above?