Star Wars World at Walt Disney World Reportedly Opening Late 2018

(Photo: Disney Parks and Resorts)

A report from MouseHub revealed the full maps to the new plans for Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios park in Orlando, Florida, which will include both the new Star Wars Land and the new Toy Story Land. The permits for construction state that it is expected to begin on January 2016, and be complete in October 2018.

Now, that doesn't mean Star Wars Land is opening October 2018. After construction, there will of course be testing of rides, plus the nuanced Disney decoration that makes it a "magical day" when you attend. Disney also plans to populate the new area of the park with staffers dressed as aliens, plus droids and other creatures roaming around - all things that take time.

The plans call for Disney to fill in some of the wetlands that currently surround Hollywood Studios, and form a new pond just outside the park to help compensate. There were no reports on the construction of the similar Star Wars Land at Disneyland in Anaheim, California yet. Those will be different, as the new Land will be built off the main Disneyland park, more akin to Magic Kingdom at Disney World.


MouseHub also said much of the existing design of Hollywood Studios is planned for a revamp, updating the full look and feel of the park when the additions are revealed. Click over to them for the maps.