Stardust Planning a New Villain Costume, Run for Hero Role?

Stardust has fully come into the eyes of comic book fans, thanks to his on-screen rivalry with actor Stephen Amell, his 100% commitment to his gimmick on twitter and in interviews, and his general love of comics and all that they entail. This continued this week, with more hints at a rematch with Amell, some comments on recent comic book related news, and more.

But first is the hint that he may soon, as he periodically does, update his costume. Recent tag partners The Ascension have expressed their desire to keep working with Stardust in the new stable "Cosmic Wasteland," and he may be changing his gimmick, or at least his design a bit to follow their theme - it's basically a "Mad Max" style based not-so-loosely on former WWE superstar tag team "The Road Warriors."

But, true to Stardust's villain form - and geeky background, he also teased a couple of other possible influences, including M. Bison from the Street Fighter video games, and Skeletor - but not the animated version, the crazy Masters of the Universe live-action movie version.

Stardust has seen a surge in popularity this year thanks largely to the aforementioned feud, something Amell said he'd like to continue with a rematch, as well. "Hopefully soon," the actor said in a facebook Q&A yesterday when asked about another match. "I enjoy punching and kicking him."


The WWE superstar also tweeted simply, "Booster" and a close-up of Booster Gold's goggles, most likely in response to the reports that a film starring the character is in development. Is he just excited, or is he making an early push for a campaign to play the role?

Either way, as villain or not, Stardust has also been recently playing the hero, first as a part of a Make-a-Wish on Raw, then going to present a check to a Toronto Children's Hospital with his arch-rival Amell (who he insists on calling Oliver). His new gimmick may dive even further into the supervillain space, but he can't hide his heroic nature.