Suicide Squad's Jai Courtney Talks Captain Boomerang Preparation


Australian actor Jai Courtney joked that his training for David Ayer's Suicide Squad involved stuffing his face with meat pies and pounding beer, but don't worry he's been hitting the gym. "I've been training for three months in different martial arts," Courtney told Variety at Monday's premiere of The Divergent Series: Insurgent. "As you can imagine for that superhero world, the athletic expectations are rather high."

Jai is excited to be working with such a great cast, but perhaps the most enjoyment that he will have is using his native Australian accent for Captain Boomerang, which he usually has to disguise. "I play an Aussie, which is going to be really fun," said Courtney.

When Variety caught up with Courtney's co-star Joel Kinnaman at last week's Run All Night premiere he boasted about Ayer's Suicide Squad as well. "It's going to be a huge action film, very visual, but grounded in the characters," Kinnaman said.


Suicide Squad is due in theaters August 5, 2016.