Supergirl Casts Melissa Benoist's Husband As A Stranger From Cat's Past


Supergirl star Melissa Benoist's real-life husband and on-again off-again boyfriend from Glee, Blake Jenner, has been cast in a recurring role on the DC Comics adaptation from CBS.

Jenner has been cast as "Adam Foster," who's described as "a handsome stranger from Cat Grant's (Calista Flockhart) past whose arrival in National City tests Kara and Cat's relationship like never before. At the same time, Adam and Kara form a very unexpected connection."

The most obvious answer here is that Foster is the TV version of Adam Morgan, Cat Grant's son from the comic books with media mogul Joe Morgan. Given the somewhat uneasy mentorship and quasi-maternal relationship Cat has with Kara, it's likely that pursuing Cat's son romantically would be a big no-no.

Also worth noting: Adam Morgan was killed in the comics by Winslow Schott, Winn's father who was referenced on-camera for the first time in Monday's episode of Supergirl.


TVLine reports that Jenner is set to appear in multiple Supergirl episodes, the first of which is slated to air in early 2016.