Supergirl: Solitude Featured A Familiar Ring From The DC Comics Universe


Warning: Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Supergirl, titled "Solitude."

Tonight's episode of Supergirl opened up the universe and mythology of the show in a huge way.

We saw some things, both inside and outside of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, which are virtually guaranteed to have long-reaching impact on the series, and at the very least which tease some really interesting stories to come and some cool backstory hidden away inside of the existing text of the show.


One such piece of mythology was the revelation that Clark Kent owns a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring.

If there's one item in this episode that was more surprising and exciting than the Omegahedron, it's this.

We've already seen one recently in The Flash, but that was somewhat abstract: pictured in The Bleed between Earth-1 and Earth-2, it wasn't clear we'd ever see it "in the flesh," so to speak. Here, though, it's right in front of Kara -- tantalizingly close.

It's been years since the Legion of Super-Heroes had their own title, and there have been a few good reasons to think we'll see them following the events of DC's upcoming Rebirth event. Will they come to television this season?


Only time will tell...!