Superheroes Come out to Play at National Museum of Play!

The eternal battle of good vs. evil once again gets studied when the National Museum of Play opens the exhibit "American Comic Book Heroes: The Battle of Good vs. Evil" this Saturday, October 17th. The museum, located in Rochester, New York, will kick things off this weekend with an appearance from everyone's favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man! Kids are the primary target audience for this exhibit, but adults will also enjoy some of the more historic aspects of the show! Life-size statues of the Incredible Hulk, Superman, Batman and others will be on display, along with classic comic book radio scripts and artwork from the Golden Age. There will also be pieces of the exhibit that will feature video games, television shows and more that have drawn influence from the over seventy-year history of the medium. Kids will love the hands-on aspects of the exhibit, such as a Whack-A-Foe game that will be used to help kids with their reaction time and a balance beam activity geared to simulate walking across the skyscrapers of the city! For more information on the museum and this exhibit, check out the museum's site here!