Superman 75th Anniversary Events Happening in California and Ohio Today

Neal Adams Superman original art

While last weekend saw Grant Morrison, Jim Lee, Dan Jurgens, Henry Cavill and others celebrate 75 years of Superman in a panel at San Diego Comic Con International, today will see two separate celebrations (that we know of) of the Man of Steel around the country.

In San Francisco, the Cartoon Art Museum has a Superman celebration schedule for today. According to the website for the event, The Cartoon Art Museum explores the rich history of Siegel and Shuster’s creation through original artwork by such notable talents as Golden Age Superman artists Fred Ray, Wayne Boring; Curt Swan, often cited as the character’s definitive artist; the legendary Neal Adams; John Byrne and Jerry Ordway, who revitalized Superman in the 1980s; the artists responsible for the widely-publicized “Death of Superman” storyline in the early 1990s, Jon Bogdanove, Jackson Guice, Dan Jurgens, and many others. Vintage movie posters, costumes, and memorabilia will also be included in this historic display.

action-comics-1The exhibit has been ongoing since May and will continue through September, but tonight is the reception that serves as its biggest social event.

Meanwhile in the city that gave birth to the Last Son of Krypton, The Cleveland Public Library and The Ohio Center for the Book are pleased to celebrate the 75th birthday of the iconic Cleveland-born superhero with an exhibit showcasing the wonderful collection of Superman realia, memorabilia, photographs, and sundry paraphernalia from Mike Olszewski, president of the Siegel and Shuster Society. These treasures will be complemented by the Library’s own collection of Superman books and materials, including graphic novels, nonfiction works, and collectibles.


That exhibit has been open for two weeks and will remain open until September as well.

We're sure there's probably more than just these two going on, and we'll update as people send them along.