Superman & Batman Team-Up Movie To Reportedly Follow Man Of Steel

Man of Steel and The Dark Knight

There have been lots of rumors in regards to what Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment will announce today at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Most rumors have revolved around a Man Of Steel sequel, a Justice League movie, and a Batman reboot.

However, the LA Times is reporting that Warner Bros. is going in a different direction and will actually be announcing a Superman and Batman team-up movie to be released in 2015. It's unclear if the Superman and Batman team-up movie is intended as a Man Of Steel sequel or the start of a World's Finest franchise.

The LA Times is reporting the information comes from two sources with knowledge of the movie, but Warner Bros. is refusing to comment. For the Superman and Batman team-up movie, Zack Snyder will reportedly direct with David S. Goyer writing the script and Henry Cavill returning as Superman. Christian Bale is not expected to return as Batman, but Christopher Nolan is expected to serve as producer.