Superman Unbound Movie Preview Hits the Web

The upcoming home video release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 features a ten-minute preview of Superman Unbound, an adaptation of Geoff Johns's recent Brainiac storyline.

The preview, which has been uploaded to YouTube, can be seen below and features commentary from writers, producers and actors involved with the film, which is expected to come to video and DVD this summer, around the time Man of Steel hits theaters.

While there's no final animation involved, we do get a look at some of the movie's animatics, some interviews with creators involved and some early audio, mostly intermingled with images from the original comics (featuring art by Gary Frank).

"Brainiac, throughout this story, treats Superman like a bug that just amuses him," said one of the filmmakers, who isn't identified in the piece. He later added that the movie is "a looser adaptation than we sometimes do. We ended up taking a short story and having to expand it and adapt it to fit a full-length feature film."

The film stars Molly Quinn as the voice of Supergirl, Stana Katic as the voice of Lois Lane, Matthew Bomer as the voice of Superman/Clark Kent, and John Nobel asthe voice of Brainiac. DC Universe veteran Andrea Romano will direct.