Superman’s All White Costume Revealed

You’ve probably heard of the White Album by The Beatles, but have you ever heard of Superman’s [...]

Superman's White Costume

You've probably heard of the White Album by The Beatles, but have you ever heard of Superman's white costume? No, we hadn't either, but it was just revealed for the first time in Superman #6. In the new DC Universe, Superman started out wearing jeans and a t-shirt with an "S" logo. Action Comics tells the story of this early version of Superman. Later in life, Superman went to wearing a red, blue, and yellow armor suit, which is how he appears in Superman comics.

Superman's All White Costume

How Superman went from jeans to armor has been one of the secrets of the new DC Universe, but it looks like that story is in process of being told. In a flashback presented in Superman #6, Superman recalls being on the spaceship of the entity known as the Collector of Worlds. As Superman stares in awe at an all white suit of armor, the captions read, "White. I'm surrounded by white. Oh…my…God…" It will be interesting to see how the white costume is changed into the red, blue, and yellow costume. Will Superman actually wear the white costume before applying color? A teaser at the bottom of one of the pages in Superman #6 seems to suggest that he will. It reads, "For more on that white costume, check out Action Comics #7 in two weeks." So what do you think of Superman's all white costume? Would you like to see him wear it for a couple issues in Action Comics?

Superman White Costume In Action Comics