T-virus Perfume Announced For Resident Evil Fans


Never have I thought "man, I'd really like to smell like like Racoon City and Zombies" during any of my previous outings with Resident Evil, but that hasn't stopped Capcom from offering their own Resident Evil themed cologne.


Named after the T-Virus, the scent is described as Fresh, and the virus was used as a reference point for the fragrance. While it might smell nice, it is quite potent, and the description says to exercise caution when spraying it in larger doses. It will be available on March 26th, and will cost around $38.00. You can also get a spray-on deodorant that looks like a first aid bottle if that is more your speed, and that will run you about $12.00

Gaming themed products like this tend to do well, so it actually isn't too surprising that Resident Evil is going this route. As long as they don't come out with a Zombie themed scent, I think we're good. You can order it from the Capcom Cafe.


via Rocketnews24