Rejoice, the Taco Bell Tortilla Crisis Is Over

(Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images and Taco Bell)

You can rest easy now, Tortillapocalypse — or Tortillagate, whichever you prefer — has seemingly come to an end at long last. The fast-food Mexican chain found itself in a pickle a week or so ago when a supplier kerfuffle left some of their restaurants in the American Southeast without tortillas. For a restaurant that uses the flat bread product for the vast majority of their products, you can imagine the troubles that'd provide. One way or another, the chain finally resolved the issue with their suppliers, making sure the affected locations were well-stocked with tortillas.

“We appreciate our burrito-loving customers’ patience," one Taco Bell spokesperson told Fox News. "We have worked closely with our suppliers to resolve any shortages, and most, if not all, of our impacted restaurants should be offering our full menu so fans can now enjoy their Taco Bell favorites from the classic Bean Burrito to the new Steak Reaper Ranch Fries burrito.”

The massive effort to resupply restaurants with their tortillas comes just in time as Taco Bell has rolled out their new Reaper Ranch Fries worldwide. While the main dish is a "Supreme" dish coming in a bowl, a cheaper burrito alternative is available. The chain has also announced three new fry-based dishes in test markets, each of which can also be converted into a burrito.


“While some Taco Bell restaurants are experiencing supplier shortages, we are working diligently to replenish the supply of our tortillas (used for products like quesadillas and burritos) in those restaurants and encourage fans to try any of our other delicious menu items like the Power Menu Bowl or Cheesy Gordita Crunch in the meantime,” the chain's previous statement read. “We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and appreciate our customers’ patience.”

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