Tawny Cypress Cast In Supergirl

(Photo: Netflix)

The alien nature of Supergirl is front-and-center on the CBS show, as Supergirl herself is working with the DEO, an agency built just for tracking extraterrestrial threats. Well, another foil is coming her way in the form of Senator Miranda Crane, with Tawny Cypress cast in the role, according to TV Line.

"Senator Crane finds herself on the other side of the issue when her visit to National City is interrupted by an alien attack," they say, though, so she may be an ally for Supergirl, albeit reluctantly and temporarily.

The character, an original one to the show, was previously reported to be coming in on episode 11 of the first season. She's running for President on an anti-alien platform, so things probably won't go so well.


Tawny Cypress has previously appeared on Unforgettable and House of Cards. Supergirl airs Mondays on CBS.