Teen Actor Discusses Theories of LOST Baddie’s Origin

For 13 year-old actor Sterling Beaumon, saying too much about his role as a young Benjamin Linus [...]

For 13 year-old actor Sterling Beaumon, saying too much about his role as a young Benjamin Linus on Lost could cost him, a fine of five million dollars, to be exact. In the February 16th issue of TV Guide, the teen spoke about his upcoming four-episode storyline that will examine the origin of the former leader of the Others.

Due to a nondisclosure clause in his contract, the actor could only offer some vague facts about the history of Ben, who will start off as a good guy. Beaumon claims that young Ben will end up helping the castaways (possibly during a time-warp) and that a never before revealed group, that is, not the Others or Dharma, will impact the youth's decision to turn bad. Also, in upcoming episodes, a new location on the island will be revealed as a place of unattainable safety. It was clarified that this refuge is not Jacob's cabin.

Beaumon also played twenty questions with TV Guide, revealing that one or more of the following theories was confirmed as fact to the actor by creator Damon Lindelof: 1) Linus and Locke are brothers, 2) Widmore employee Charlotte may in fact be Annie, the red headed girl who befriended a younger Ben in season three, or 3) Dr. Pierre Chang, from the Dharma Initiative films, is Miles Straume's father. Fans will have to wait over the next few weeks to find out which of the theories is the gospel truth.

Along with Lindelof's revelations, the actor offered some theories of his own about Charles Widmore. "Widmore has been on the island a looong [sic] time," Beaumon said. "His presence is (always) felt. I think Widmore may be Jacob." TV Guide also sat down with 19 year-old actress Melissa Farman, who plays the younger version of the French nomad, Rousseau, to discuss her role in Ben's origin. According to the actress, in an upcoming episode, the story of how Linus became the father of Rousseau's daughter Alex will also be revealed.