Terminator Genisys After The Credits Scene Explained

Warning: Spoilers.

When the credits have rolled and the lights are up tonight in theaters showing Terminator: Genisys, what's that post-credits scene going to be? Will it call back to earlier films in the franchise, or lay the groundwork for future sequels?

Or, since this is both a time-travel movie and one chock full of retcons, both?

Well, CinemaBlend talked to director Alan Taylor about it and, to contextualize what he said, they had to print the ending.

The gist is that while the good guys win and the future is rewritten in the end, it may not be quite as clear-cut as fans are led to believe in the film itself. Genisys, the bit of corrupted data that launched the robot uprising, still lives at the film's end -- and its blue, energy-based existence is about to merge with a glowing ball of red light.


"It was always there as a kind of gateway - to further developments," Taylor said. "It’s precisely a kind of, ‘it’s not over yet’ moment. On the one hand, it’s one of the things that points to there being further chapters. On the other hand, this is a kind of franchise where I don’t think anybody really believes that you’re going to end up neatly or happily. So, when our heroes drives off into the sunset and we think, well that went well. There’s still going to be a nagging feeling that wait, it’s not that easy."

Terminator: Genisys is in theaters now.